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  • Asp.Net Introduction and architecture

    Asp.Net Introduction

    Today a web business growing worldwide and many technologies are available to build fast,efficient and effective websites.One of the technology is Asp.Net.

    What is Asp.Net?How to use it?Is this helpful?There are many questions in mind.So i decided to provide you easiest information about Asp.Net.

    Asp.Net is the technology.Many people believe in myth that Asp.Net is the programming language,but it is totally wrong and here is the proof.

    Asp.Net is the technology which includes framework.Now what is framework?

    In simple language we can say that framework is the group of languages,controls,platforms etc.

    .Net Framework includes following components.

    1) Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL)

       Intermediate Language(IL) is also known as MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language) or CIL(Common Intermediate Language).All code is then converted to machine code because compiler only understands machine code language.So it is necessary to convert source code to machine code by JIT(Just In Time)compiler.

    2) Common Language Runtime(CLR)

       Full form of CLR is Common Language Runtime and it forms the heart of the .Net framework.All languages required attention at the time of the execution of the program.So,CLR takes control of the execution of the program via different machines.

    Garbage Collection:- CLR provides one very important tool which is garbage collection.The name itself suggests that it releases the memory.This tool releases the memory by eliminating unused objects.

    Code Access Security:- CAS provides different rights to the program which is being executed. CAS maintains the rights configuration.It gives rights as per the need. CAS will take care of the code.

    Code Verification:- It checks the code efficiency and reliability while code executes.Illegal operations may harm the system.So to prevent the system,this tool verifies the code and stop to perform illegal operations.

    3) Common Type System

       For communicating two languages smoothly CLR has CTS(Common Type System).Example in VB you have "Integer" and in C++ you have "long" these data types are not compatible so the interfacing between them is very complicated.So,CTS was introduced.So "Integer" data type in VB6 and "int" data type in C++ will convert it to System.int32 which is data type of CTS.

    4) CLS(Common Language Specification)

       This is the dream of the technology to take all the languages under one roof which may increase efficiency and capability.So CLS provides common specification about all programming languages.

    Managed Code:-

      Managed code runs inside the environment of CLR i.e. .NET run time.In short all IL are managed code.

      But if you are using some third party software example F# component they are unmanaged because .NET has not control over it during execution of the code.


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